Also featured: public schools return to classes prematurely as wildfires rage and the president redirects funds

This week, in What’s Happening in Brazil, we investigate the disturbing rise in violent attacks against indigenous people throughout the country. President Jair Bolsonaro’s blatant anti-native rhetoric, is backed up by complete neglect from Federal authorities when it comes to respecting the rights of indigenous people.

Unfortunately this is not the only controversy involving the Bolsonaro administration this week, as it was discovered that the head of State redirected around 1.5 million dollars from covid-19 test funds to an organization run by his wife, first lady Michelle Bolsonaro.

Our Culture Talk segment furthers the debate we have been having over the last few weeks on the show regarding the environment. As wildfires continue to rage and destroy some of Brazil’s most important ecosystems, the president continues to minimize the severity of the situation and blame his political opponents.

In our Story of the Week we investigate what a return to classes may look like for public school pupils, their families and teachers. Many educators and community leaders are arguing that the return to classes is premature, and that most schools in the public system do not have the necessary infrastructure needed to follow social distancing protocols.

Lastly, as is our show’s tradition, we wrap things up with a delicious local recipe and some great Brazilian music. Enjoy!

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